When earthquakes take place in oceans a great stock of energy is released to create pressure waves which transmit that energy underwater to result a tidal wave ultimately at shallow regions, to hit upon the coastline making disastrous situations.

A pressure wave could not be observed in deep sea because it is just a frequency modulated vibratory wave through the media and when it reaches shallow depths only the great stock of energy is transferred gradually in to a tidal wave which is quite visible.

There are two types of pressure waves possibly to crop up such as ‘Negative pressure wave’ and ‘Positive pressure wave’. A wave is negatively originated when the seafloor is expanded by a rift due to an earthquake. Contrarily a positive pressure wave is created when the seafloor is contracted at trenches between two tectonic plates.

However earthquakes cannot be predicted as yet in the world and alarming at every occurrence of earthquakes is of no use because a tidal wave is very seldom to crop up.

The invention ‘Tidal Wave Detector’ introduced herein is an instrument just like a black box placed in the deep seafloor and whenever a pressure wave passes through, a signal  of alarm is sent to the beach. This can prevent people from running every time for lives with wrong alarming through satellite studies.