As it has been forecasted, the ever biggest issue that global human civilization faces is shortage of drinking water and food. Irrigation and agriculture only can save the mankind from the forth coming peril and scientists have to look for improved technologies upon water saving and irrigation techniques of maximum water productivity.

The invention ‘Sub Surface Textured Irrigation’ introduces a novel technique of irrigation to save water and labor in agriculture.



Rain water harvesting is given the maximum priority and storing the rainfall in surface reservoirs or in artificial underground aquifers (a novel technique) can be adopted as a measure of effective water resource management.

The storages have to be managed most productively for agriculture and drinking purposes as well. Water loses through infiltration is cut off by this technique by application of impermeable HDP membrane and the subsurface is textured in a special manner so that water is fed from the bottom to the root zone of plants.

Fertilizer too is fed from the bottom, mixed with water and also, treated &filtered sewerage out flow of high nutrients & nitrates from treatment plants too can be used instead of chemical fertilizer.

The system is automatically washed out with rainfall as a measure of salinity removal from agricultural basins and air bubbling through the soil layer can make it loose without plowing.