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1. Photoelectric Effect  - 8/03/2022

The subject content available in the background physics of the natural phenomenon ‘Photoelectric Effect’ is found erroneous and hence this letter is to submit a different dimension of the phenomenon.

 What is wrong with the prevailing definition? 

Light Photons are said to be absorbed by the electrons and energized electrons are projected out from metallic surfaces. 

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2. The Entity of Moon - 12/02/2018

If carefully studied, Moon dynamics reveals lots of hidden secrets in the past and also help in forecasting of the future. This letter focuses Lunar Dynamics at first with an analysis of ‘how lunar orbital motion is energized by spinning of Earth’. Secondly, the forthcoming danger of ‘Dark Moon Doomsday Departure’ is introduced. Thirdly, the new theory of ‘Origin of Moon by Earth Bang’ is introduced with adequate proofs, declaring the challenge to the famous ‘Giant Impaction Theory’. Finally, the age of Moon is addressed giving some important clues for an accurate analysis. 

It is observed that lunar studies nowadays have been focused mainly upon common astronomical features of shallow depths such as observation of colors at eclipses etc. There is no harm if things have been so calmly rotating at Uniform speed forever as set out at the Origin. But things of Nature are badly at change and hence Scientists of the era, have got to focus more deep things than colors. Leap days and leap years could not have come at all, if the Nature of Lunar Dynamics is to conserve Uniformity.  

The paper is therefore to focus Formation of Moon in the aim to foresee of a forthcoming Danger

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3. Emission of Light&Heat by skin Diffusion of moving Electrons - 05/02/2018


Light is accepted in the background art as an Electromagnetic Radiation.

‘Light is electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The word usually refers to visible light, which is visible to the human eye and is responsible for the sense of sight.[1] Visible light is usually defined as having wavelengths in the range of 400–700 nanometres (nm), or 4.00 × 10−7 to 7.00 × 10−7 m, between the infrared (with longer wavelengths) and the ultraviolet (with shorter wavelengths).[2][3] This wavelength means a frequency range of roughly 430–750 terahertz (THz)’.

(With gratitude to the world best knowledge base WIKIPEDIA)


Light is a line projection of energy particles (Photons) shot out by Skin Diffusion of moving electrons.

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4. Theory of Seismic Impulse/2016


High rise column buildings in megacities createa deathtrap upon the urban community because the buildings are not designed safe against the massive lateral force ‘Seismic Impulse’.

Earth quake born medium waves make the land oscillate laterally and an impulsive force is applied at the center of gravity of the building to fall it in the direction where the wave comes from.

If = -M V2/λ where ‘V’ is velocity of the P-wave, ‘λ is the stroke length of the horizontal ground oscillation (amplitude of the related S-wave) and ‘M’ is the weight of the building.

The impulsive force is deduced such as;

If the entire building could gain the same velocity of the wave stroke, within the short time gap, thence there is no building failure at all. Then the impulsive force is the change of momentum of the building during the short time gap. But if the building is unable to move with the stroke, then the same force is acting in negative direction, upon the center of gravity to fail the building structure.

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5. Theory of Solar Mass Transplantation/2015

‘Productive Planets’ like Earth are spinning about the magnetic polar axis. They absorb ‘Energy’ from ‘Solar Wind’ to rotate. Lightning strokes give evidence to prove ‘External Energy Absorption’ by Earth. Energy is ‘Mass’ with no arguments [E=mc2]and hence the planet is being grown by mass and size with time. 

The natural phenomena well explained by the new theory:

•Global slowing in spinning speed

•Departing of Moon from Earth

•Expanding of gaps between tectonic plates

•Production of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, water, hydrocarbon, and all the geo materials within the globe itself  

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Theory of Gravity Momentum:-

In consideration of any two-party Gravitational System at linear or angular Dynamic state, Gravity Momentum of either party is equal.

Importance of the Theory:-

Pluto-Charon couple, living far end of the solar system is the only exemplary exhibition as a proof of the new theory because other couples are moreover disturbed by interference of a third party gravitational field.  But the degree of deviation from the theory tells us a different story of the past and future of any two party gravitational dynamic rotary systems.

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Theory of Gravity Deviation:-

Influence direction of Gravitational Wave is deviated when the gravity source is at motion 

Importance of the Theory:-

Dynamic stability in orbital motion of planets could be explained explicitly by this theory with introduction of the ‘Orbital Motive Force’ upon mathematical force balancing with ‘Space resistance’ against motion of planets. The most argumentative phenomenon, ‘Precession in orbital motion of planets’, also explained by the theory.

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Theory of Solar Equatorial Plane:-

Any tilted orbit in the Solar System is gradually settled down on to the solar equatorial plane due to the lateral force component applied by solar Gravity Deviation.

Importance of the Theory:-

How almost all the planets are settled down upon a single plane, is explained by this theory. 

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‘Space Matter’ is organized as an observable dynamic gathering, by flowing of the ‘Energy Matter’ in-between absolute zero and infinity along the 4th dimension.

Importance of the Theory:-

Formation and energy consumed functioning of Galaxies (expanding or contracting), Stars (emerging or dying), Planets (of Electromagnetic spinning) and Atoms (the highly dynamic rotary systems) could be explained by this theory.

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10.            MECHANISM OF GRAVITY/2009


The Mechanism of Gravity (to be an appendix to Sir. Isaac Newton’s theory):-

Gravity is born due to a FM wave through the space medium transmitted due to vibration of atomic mass. Any secondary atomic mass in the field responds to the wave, through induced attraction within.  The attraction is but Coulombs’ electromagnetic force unbalance, due to eccentricity occurred in the direction from where the wave attacks. 

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11.            Theory of Static Work Done



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12.            Theory of Action & Perpendicular Reaction

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