Only Sustainable Land & Water Management can save the Mankind from increasing natural disasters, which are aggravated due to human dimension in degradation of natural resources upon short sight vision for development.


Global Warming is the danger which can emerge in many different devilish faces to create frequent disastrous situations such as, droughts, floods, tidal rise, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados etc. Rising of sea level is the biggest imminent threat foreseen and lowland countries are in utmost danger of being inundated.


The invention ‘Rock Fill Dyke Sandland’ introduces a novel combination of techniques to create islands of ‘Balanced Green Ecosystem’ for a long lasting human civilization.


Two models of low land development are introduced such as;

    1). Multi Projections Model &

    2). Lowland Conversion Model.


 Infiltrated to be stored in created underground semi confined aquifers (a novel technique) for a reliable fresh drinking water supply for the island. Agriculture in the island is entirely eco friendly and based on an integrated sewerage management cum sustainable soil and moisture conservation.


Rock fill dyke of a novel technique, is constructed and sea sand is pumped to fill the island up to a level of 10m above the existing mean sea level. The subsurface of the sandland is textured by materials such as; coarse sand, clayish soil & humus soil etc. such that a marvelous green ecosystem is created.

Entire energy requirement for the island is abstracted from sea waves (a novel technique), seasonal wind(a novel technique of highest efficiency) and   solar radiations. Rain water is

No any artificial fertilizer is used in the agricultural lands other than the subsurface feeding of naturally treated and auto filtered out flow from the sewerage plant which is rich of nitrates, phosphates and other organic fertilizers.


 Also the system can be washed out to remove salinity in need.

 Buildings in the island cannot be too high and constructed upon raft or mat foundations without pilling.

 ‘Rock Fill Dyke Sandland’ technology is certain to be the sole savior of Mankind which improves self sufficiency, sustainability and resilience against any disastrous situations to overcome the influence of Global Warming.