Multi Expertise Integration

  • Sustainable Irrigation Systems of Soil and Moisture Conservation, Water Saving & Economical Water Conveyance Systems for mild/steep sloppy lands, Lift Irrigation for uplands by natural energy sources. Surface and subsurface rainwater harvesting systems, Subsurface textured irrigation, Multi watershed contour irrigation for mild sloppy semi dry zonal regions etc.


  • Identification, development, improving and creation of Drinking Water Sources, Natural Water Purification Techniques, Green techniques for Polluted Lake Restoration, Sustainable Water Resource Management etc.


  • Innovative Land and Water resource Development practices, Sloppy earth bank preservation and stability improving practices, Forecasting landslides and innovative applications of safety measures to prevent disastrous situations, Conversion of barren low level islands in to subsurface textured green highlands with improved resilience against any tidal raise of sea and Innovative Flood Preventive Techniques, etc.


  • Innovative Techniques of Renewable Energy Generation out of Natural Resources such as Wind, Water Potentiality, Ocean Waves, through Flood preventive potentiality releasing of river flow and through Tornado preventive Thermal Energy releasing to upper atmospheric layers etc.