01. What is the invention?

The invention, ‘Big Wheel Safari Cart’, introduced herein, is an innovative combination of techniques for Energy Efficiency, Passenger Comfort and Safety of the vehicle as well as the passenger.


02. What does it look like?


03. What is new there?

There are three new techniques to the field of Automobile Engineering, introduced such as;

‘Socket Racer’ independent rear wheel suspension technique

‘Shock Absorber Buffer (SAB)’ safety device to minimize impulsive stroke from accidents

‘Electric Four Wheel Driver (E4WD)’ to get an additional support to move rear wheels by battery operated electric motors in need under muddy road conditions.   


04. What are the advantages?

Theoretically the rolling resistance of a big wheel is lesser than that of a small wheel and fuel economy is the biggest advantageous effect by the invention.

Traveling comfort in an open airy cart is the other advantage effect the independent wheel shock absorber system makes it more comfortable for a safari.

Passenger safety is the most important above all and the shock absorber buffer minimizes the possible damages to the vehicle as well as to passengers in face of an accident. There are a set of 72 high tensional springs to absorb the impulsive shock of the accident before the stroke hits upon the passenger.

High energy efficiency in automobile field minimizes the ecological budget leaving less damage to the Global environment, as the most prominent advantageous effect.