Electricity has almost become the first prerequisite for any human civilization in the Globe because all the other fundamental needs such as water, food, fibers and shelters etc. can be achieved easily where there is electricity. Energy is becoming a crisis in the world as a result of the due depletion of fossil fuel and coal deposits. Besides that petroleum industry on the whole, could be banned in near future due to global concern of Environmental Impacts by emission of heavy gasses to atmosphere which aggravate Greenhouse Effect and due Global Warming. Therefore renewable energy resources such as, Water, Wind, Ocean waves and Solar power are highly recognized and welcomed, for power generation at present.








There are several techniques being in experimental level to abstract wave & tidal energy from oceans in the background art but none of them are still recognized for reliability, economy and efficiency in the process. That is mainly due to the encountered difficulties in the sea such as; high corrodibility of saline water, fluctuation of water level and breakability of any permanent structure in face of impulsive wave strokes. The invention introduced herein, “Wave Energy Converter” is only a floater which is anchored to the seabed and generating power by the fluctuation of buoyancy force upon the floater due to waves. The methodology is quite environmental friendly with no adverse effects and the technique is easy to build up, easy to operate and easy to maintain as a process of high economy.