Brief Biography


BSc(Eng)-Peradeniya/Sri Lanka, MSc(Enviro. Eng)–IHE/The Netherlands,  

Professional Life: 

Chartered Engineer-IESL

Being a Civil Engineer by profession, he had a long engagement in infrastructure development for new irrigation community settlements under ‘Mahaweli River Basin Development’ and it was the basis for his  inventions more related to Water Resource Development and Renewable Energy Generation to up lift living standards of rural communities. His higher studies in the Netherlands, was on Environmental Science and it could give a clear turn to his thinking towards Eco-Friendly Sustainable Development. He has held several higher managerial positions so far in several Public and private sector organizations.


Engineering Course in Peradeniya University is a different one and students are given a thorough knowledge of Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering& Electrical Engineering commonly during the first two academic years and then only the students are directed for specific field categories for the rest of the academic years.  It was the firm foundation required for a man of innovative thinking and Mr. Gamage invaded far in to other fields latter on through his devoted habit of self-studies.  His creativity is exhibited by inventions;

·         There are 19 inventions with him as intellectual property and for the time being, more than 11 applications are pending Click here

·         There are many engineering publications which accounts for his innovative thinking and creativity inclined towards sustainable community development click here


Personal Life:

He has a beloved wife, an educated lady from a catholic family, and they got a daughter and ason.


He was an inborn Physicist and habitually he derived laws and equations of Physics from principles from the childhood. He always paid much attention to find mechanism behind various dynamics to be observed in the space.

Being a Naturalist and a keen observer from his childhood, Mr. Gamage could develop the art of ‘Scientific Deduction’ remarkably in him, which resulted ultimately, a good stock of subject matter related to ‘Natural Science’ & ‘Space’ to publish in several volumes by the name ‘Space Dynamics’. click here


Asan ‘Independent Explorer’ he has done lots of researches, practical and tests of his own simplified creative manner expending all his resources and spare time to clarify natural laws in the Nature. In this regard he has tested already accepted theories in Physics and perhaps challenged themin cases,where the ‘Reality’ seem not have been touched.


‘Nature’is the religion of him and he believes only in the laws of‘Natural Science’tested by himself.

Social Life:

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