Wind is the most fairly distributed resource of Energy in the Nature and Mankind got used to abstract its energy to full fill their Energy requirement since far historic ages in the human civilization.


The first application was naval transportation and the second application was lifting water for irrigation or drinking water supply purposes.


Dutch people of the Netherlands were the most prominent among the nations who used Wind Energy for Water Engineering and they could introduce the conventional type of huge wind turbine.


Ever since then, many different patterns of ‘Fan Type’ on-flow turbines were developed with introduction of aerodynamic shapes too, for vanes but with meager improvements in consideration of the Overall Efficiency in energy abstraction.




The Invention ‘Wind Blade Turbine’, introduced herein is a cross-flow type of a turbine to record the maximum Overall efficiency, fairly above 90%, over any type of wind turbines in the background art.


It’s axis is vertical and there are four number of vanes per a turbine. A vane is consisted of a several number of ‘Wind Blades’ which are automatically operated (opened or closed) while rotating so that, one half of the flux area of wind is totally blocked just as a sail. At the same time the other half from the axis is fully opened allowing the wind to flee freely. On that way a huge torque is induced upon the turbine to rotate about generating power.


The energy left through the open half too is absorbed by the next adjacent turbine installed behind, in the diagonal array and therefore almost the total energy flux of wind is abstracted by ‘Wind Blade Turbines’.