“Big Wheel Voyager” the innovative sea craft technique of the century to challenge ever so known naval craft techniques upon speed and comfort of the voyage and also to replace air travelling upon traveler’s freedom and safety.  

02.   Technical Field: Naval Craft Engineering

03.   What is the necessity to go for such an invention?

     I.        Air travelling is not safe enough and there die thousand and one air passengers yearly by unexpected crashes.

   II.        Naval transportation by ships in the background technology, is very slow, costly and uncomfortable as well  

04.   What is new with the invention?

Introduction of floating wheels on waters is new to the field of naval craft engineering

 05.   How does it work?

Wheels are light enough to float and big enough to carry the craft above the water surface.



06.   How to make the Big Wheels?

Big wheel is made of steel or a selected alloy from centre bearing up to the Rim and the tire of massive balloon size is filled with regiform to be light in weight. Regiform is the most wonderful finding of the 20th century in consideration of its lightness and high bearing strength but unfortunately its different uses are not recognized as yet.

(Air is not filled in tires because the craft might be sunken down by even a simple punch in the tube)  

07.   How could it be economical?

The craft requires comparably a smaller force to move forward because only the rolling resistance of wheels is applied in against of the motion. 

In consideration of ships, a bigger part of the body is under water and moving very difficultly against the shear resistance of water. (Shear resistance in a liquid is grown with the increasing depth due to increment of pressure.)

Lesser driving force means lesser fuel cost and comparably the innovative technique is much economical than ships in the background art.    

08.   What are the advantageous effects for a traveler?

     I.        It provides much freedom, comfort and broad screen scenic view facility for travelers to enjoy

   II.        It can provide a voyage over terrestrial or intercontinental waters with a speed of an electric train 

  III.        Traveler's safety is assured by 100% in comparison with air lifts


09.   What are the advantageous effects as a naval craft?:

     I.        It can use international seaways but not necessarily because it can float upon even swallow coastal belts and lagoons too

   II.        It can turn and reverse easily without help of any external means  

10.   What is the state of coverage as an intellectual property?:

A patent is awarded by Patent Office of Sri Lanka to the Inventor Eng. Cyril H Thalpe Gamage and the first model test has taken place successfully on 15th April 2010 at Nuwarawewa reservoir in Anuradhapura.

11.   What is next?

The inventor has published a brief of the invention in his website and seeking investors to promote it up to the international naval craft industry.