01. Need for Reformation:

The forward march of the Global Human Civilization is almost entirely directed by the existing Global Knowledge Bases. Then what will happen when the Knowledge Bases are filled with all the unfiltered experimental scripts, uncertain theorizations and faulty conclusions accumulated through several centuries?

What does the Global Knowledge Departments do?  The Unfiltered Knowledge Bases are conserved and used to set milestone barriers (Exams) for Qualifying. Nothing novel could have come out hardly from the traditional academic process of research, because the references should be abstracted only from the conserved stock in the knowledge bases (true or false).  

Field Specialization’ is the other thing which has badly confined the Experts into a narrow domain of exposure by adaptation of separate sets of Terminology.  As a result Accessibility and Interconnectivity even between the line Departments have almost held up. The worst of this is, any alternative new idea from outsiders is not even considered and condemned as laymen’s attempts.       

However in this manner nobody will remain in the future to direct the Human Civilization with a Wholesome Vision.

02. Off the Track?:

·         Man is far conservative and naturally tends to protect the Acceptance from new challenges.

·         A long term unchallenged Acceptance (true or false) could naturally establish in a society as a Belief for the future generations to obey.

I am not talking of Religions herein but in the fields of Physics there are many faulty theorizations in the Acceptance being settled gradually through centuries as beliefs.

Teaching all those unfiltered stock, so far accumulated in the Global Knowledge Bases, could lead the future generations towards certain lunacy because it is beyond the carrying capacity of a healthy human brain.

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