Confidence in Physics in mindset of the general Global Public has remarkably dropped as a result and even some laymen are shouting that “Gravity is not found yet”. As the worst of that, some religious extremists point out that “Physics is not reliable for its theories could be changed from time to time”. 

Therefore Physicists of the 21st Century have got the big responsibility upon reclamation of the ‘Lost Dignityof Physics’ through filtration of the conserved stock of so far accumulated knowledge base aiming ‘Certainty’.

I dare say,the Reality of theories and principles of Physics could never be changed even among Galaxies if the phenomena are well explained. Therefore categorizations in Physics such as Classical and Modern should not be there and instead the ‘Unique Reality in Nature’ has to be focused with no such differences.  

By name of the good will of ‘Reformation behalf of Advancement’, I hereby declare the Challenge upon the firm basis that “Gravity is not explained by ‘Curvature of Space Time’ even though; the Mechanism behind the natural phenomenon was not well explained by the Newtonian Gravity”. 

There is neither a realistic logic behind, nor observation in support of the problematic theorization from the late century.

Facts to support the anti-logics:

·          There are only two types of Black Hole Dynamics to be observed in the Universe such as; ‘Contracting Dynamics’ and ‘Expanding Dynamics’.

·          In the contracting dynamics, it is observed that everything is absorbed in to a growing globe of Dark Matter of the highest rotary dynamics at the center.

·          In the expanding dynamics, a globe of Dark Matter is depleting in to Hydrogen gas as the first step of the gradual evolutionary process of creating of a new Galaxy.(we are living in a Galaxy which is aged but still at the phase of expanding)

The anti-logic:

If Gravitational Attraction is born whereas ‘Space Time’ is curved in, then a Gravitational Repulsion too, must be in function whereas the ‘Space Time’ is curved out.  Then “is that Gravitational Repulsion which decentralizes matter in an Expanding Galaxy?”

No, Gravity never repels Matter and hence, the interrelation between ‘Curvature of Space Time’ and ‘Gravitation’, as declared by the famous theory is contradictory.


The magical force behind the Black Hole Dynamics could not be Gravity at all and the Mechanism behind Gravity is a different phenomenon in Nature, which could be more simply explained without curvatures or strings in the space.

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