Q: What is the beginning of the Universe as you think? Is that the famous BigBang?

A: There are several bangs in the universe could take place at any moment such as; 1). Collision of two galaxies, 2). Collision of two Stars, 3). Star Bangs (to create planets at late magnetic reversals), 4). Planetary Bangs (to create Moons at late magnetic reversals) and  5). Collision between planets and asteroids etc.

    Besides that it must be really a big bang whence Dark Mater starts expanding in to Hydrogen in creating of galaxies.

Q: You mean then, there is no beginning or Origin for the world?

A:  Start and End are the essential destinations of linearthinking but what is the use of referring to an origin whence galaxies are being born even at this very instant in the space?

Q: You have declared that Energy represents the whole Universe ultimately?

A: Yes I did.

Q: But the famous great scientists of the late centuries had declared a timedominated space and also, it is in the acceptance that, Time is the 4thDimension.

A: What are the fundamental units of Energy?  Time is also hidden there in Energy as ML2T-2. But Energy is not hidden in Time and hence what is premier? Time is immaterial but Energy represents Materials.

    As you know, it is defined as distances along the axis X,Y& Z in the Cartesian plane up to the 3rd dimension. Therefore the 4th dimension too ought to be a distance. The distance is from infinity towards the absolute zero

Q:  Then time has no significance or importance in your model of the universe?

A: Why not? It plays the main role yet in the universe and let’s have a look at the picture in the figure-20. It is an oscillatory expansion of Matter along the 4th dimension to create a Universe for us. 

Q: What’s the role of Time there?

A:  If Time was too fast to elapse, what could happen then? Suppose the dark matter globe is expanded making of the Universe and contracted again all at the same time and what’s your feeling of the happening?

Q: I fed like nothing is happened there.

A: Yes, if ‘Time’ for the universe is too quick (T≈0), no world is born there giving enough time for us to enjoy.

Q: But Sir Isaac Newton has declared that ‘Time of the Universe is an offeredpackage

A:  It is true, and instead the great Scientist of the 20th century, Albert Einstein has declared a pendulum type Dynamic Package in which the tenses Past, Present & Future are relative to the observer.

Q: What package do you believe to be correct?

A: Both Scientists have struck upon the Reality inNature but in different angles. But my logic is not over yet. What will happen if ‘Time’ is too slow to elapse (T≈ ∞)? 


Q:Your dark matter globe shall remain as it is forever without expanding to createworlds.

A: Exactly. Then we observed that no world is created at both extreme ends of ‘Time’.

Q: Then who has fixed a suitable valuefor Time to elapse leisurely making a goodworld for us?

A:  Nature has fixed it by giving a limit for Speed. It is the velocity of Light

 [c= 2.998 x1010 cm/s]. Time is directly appeared in Speed as you see.

Q: Someday Man will conquer Time and Nature for certain, by exceeding thevelocity of light

A: Man or any sophisticated manmade craft could never reach to that limit because Atomic Matter starts contracting in to Dark Matter at this critical speed.  That’s why our safety is so firmly assured against attacks from far alien worlds

Q: But Expansion is followed closely after the Contraction in this pendulum type dynamics and the craft with aliens should emerge back from dark matter  in our presence with the attack. How is that theory?

A: Well, it is a fantastic theory for a scientific fiction but when dark matter starts expansion, the first outcome is Hydrogen. I don’t think that your aliens could emerge from hydrogen back. 

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