01. Introduction:

Human habitats are safer to be spread prospectively into the Space in the focus of disastrous planetary changes in possibility to take place with the forthcoming Magnetic Reversal of the Globe.

02. Visionary Objectives:

1.     Earthians are safer to possess Satellite Habitats of sustainable living environment, to orbit around Earth.

2.     Earthians are safer to maintain the balance of Angular Momentum of the Earth-Moon gravitational rotary dynamic system.

06. Advantageous Effects:

1.     Saving of Moon from the most probable ‘Doomsday Departure’:

Strength of the Live Magnetic field of Earth (not the fixed field due to the magnetic signature) is at a gradual drop which ought to cause slowing down of the spinning speed. Earth-Moon is not entirely an independent couple as a ‘Gravitational Rotary Dynamic System’ while succumbed to the massive Gravitational Influence of the big boss Sun. For an instant, Solar Gravity at Moon(0.592 cm/s2) is almost double in magnitude than Earth Gravity at Moon(0.269 cm/s2). ……………….

2.     Assurance of Sustainability of the Global Human Civilization:

In case of a huge natural disaster, almost all the present technologies cum knowledge gained through millions of years could be lost with the Great Human Civilization on Earth.

Therefore the Exo-Moon Habitats shall be of immense use to restore the reformed Globe with establishment of the same civilization.

3.     High economic potentiality of the Project:

Space Tourism shall create a booming potentiality towards success of the Exo-Moon Projects because the comfortable Space Resorts are not far away from Earth.

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