·         REALITY IN NATURE could not be changed but defined in many different angles by man from age to age. Though theories are cropped up and accepted or rejected by the society from time to time, the Realities  in Nature remain unchanged eternally.

·         The natural phenomenon of “precession in orbital motion of planets”, had been observed by Astronomers a few centuries ago and ever since many Physicists and Mathematicians have spent abundant of their time to explain the phenomenon to a more acceptable accuracy.

·         Isaac Newton (1643-1727), produced the ‘Gravitational law’ and he could more scientifically explain how planets are orbiting round Sun in dynamic equilibrium of the two forces such as Gravitational drag and centrifugal force.

·         According to Newtonian theorization of the precession of orbital axis of Mercury, the two party gravitational relation between Sun and Mercury could be affected by a third party gravitating body like Jupiter or by the collective gravitational influence of all the college planets orbiting in outer rings.

·         The great Scientist Einstein (1879-1955) has explained the phenomenon in a different angle being based on his theory of Relativity. According to his philosophic theory, the space time is wrapped by the massive gravitational field of Sun and due to that curvature, Mercury undergoes a different set of conditions at the perihelion than that at the aphelion, resulting of a precession of perihelion ultimately.

·         But scientists by the 21st century seem to suspect the acceptability of both theorizations and they tend to argue in support and in against as well. However it shall be a shame upon the scientists of the 21st century, if the problem has to be conserved as it is, for the future generations to solve.   


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