Hand rules in scientific subject fields, were born whereas the realistic mechanism of the Natural Phenomenon was not observed by the founder.  Moreover, only the measurable physical parameters of the Natural Phenomenon were addressed in theorizations.  However, that much of the finding was  more than enough to enhance the practical benefit upon the Global Human Community and thence, the fundamental study came to a stop.

Electricity, Magnetism and Gravity are some of such main subject fields of which further explorations to find the root causes of the phenomena, had been delayed through centuries. As an adverse effect of that, the followers are naturally inclined to believe the theories, and hand rules as well, without challenging.   

The physical parameters related to the Natural Phenomenon of Gravity, were brilliantly addressed by Sir Isaac Newton, the Scientist of the era, and his findings have proven ever since, a marvelous yield upon the subject field & the mankind as a whole. The applicability of his theories has been proven not only on this planet but also in the outer space as well.

But what happen today? Even a layman of the field says “Gravity is not found”.  That’s for no other reason but due to the only mistake, that the scientist had not explained the mechanism behind the Phenomenon of Gravity.  ( Pl refer ‘Space Dynamics-V2’/2009 for more about the subject matter)

This experimental monograph ‘Space Dynamics-V5’ is aimed to explain mainly;

1.           The Unexplained Mechanism behind the Hand Rules in Electromagnetism  (this should only be a value addition to the marvelous findings by the great scientist ‘Fleming’/1898.)

2.           Energy based behavior of the Space Matter.

3.           ‘Line Living Worlds on Earth’ beyond the reach of Science.

(yet to be continued)

         4.           The Time Dimension( yet to be continued) |Read More|