By the entrance to 21st century, many scientists and philosophers seemed to have sensed the existence of another measure named as the  4th dimension, and they realized the  importance of understanding of it.

The prominent scientists of the 20th century had taken much emphasis to explain the unexplained extent of science, but their theorizations immediately after observations, seemed to have ended in Uncertainty. That isfor no other reason but due to lack of imagination upon  the 4th Dimension.  They couldn’t explain ‘Where the Matter come from to appear and to where they disappear?  

The worlds beyond the magnifying capacity of Telescope or the Microscope are still remain in complete darkness. Therefore the Scientists and Philosophers of the 21st century have a big responsibility to open their minds and develop ‘Imagination ’, ‘Analytical Thinking’ and   ‘Scientific Deduction’ in them, or else, everything will rest in ‘Uncertainty’ perhaps till the tragic end of the Global Human Civilization.  

Worlds of different scales are created with the growing radius of ‘Spherical Expansion’ of space matter. 


4TH Dimension is the measure to observe worlds of Different Scales and The axis of the 4th dimension stretches out from the Absolute Zero towards the plus infinity as a growing radius in Spherical Expansion. But man will never find where the absolute zero is, because the scale of the world, where he lives, is too big for that.


Distance is immaterial and the units are just conceptual linear measures which are relative only to the scale of our living world.

 The Definition for Distance:

“Distance is the Space between any two Destinations and it   doesn’t  exist where, Destinations are not in  Existence.”


Time is the other thing that has been much complicated by the scientists of the 20th century and some seem to have induced even somelife too, in to time. But realistically time is  immaterial and just a concept like distance.


The Definition for Time:

 Time is the Space between any two Changes and it doesn’t   Elapse   Where, things don’t Change.”


Mass had been very well defined by the great scientist Newton by his realistic theory of Gravity and latter on, more value is added to the definition, by the great Philosophic Scientist Einstein through his universal theory of ‘Conservation of Energy’.


Therefore ‘Mass’ is not just a concept but it exists as far as ‘Matter’ exists in the space and it is not elastic like time or distance. We can summarize therefore the definitions produced by the two above great scientists, such as;

“ Mass  is the measure of ‘Energy Density’ of Matter”|Read More|