The law of ‘Conservation of Angular Momentum’, the definition for ‘Direction of Angular Momentum’ and the gloomy way of explaining the rotary motion in some famous case studies are challenged by this technical paper by introduction of two alternative principles such as;

5.1 The Principle of ‘Action and Perpendicular Reaction’ in rotary systems

‘Flying Force’ upon a rolling wheel and the mechanism of ‘Flying Turbines’, which shows the possibility to create a ‘Space Expeditor Craft’ was introduced under this paper. Besides that the secret of the child’s top, problem of the hanging wheel, rotation of the Dentist’s chair and the orbital motion of boom rang were explained herein.

5.2 The Principle of ‘Diversion of a Mass flow’

under this principle it is explained that ‘Diversion of a Mass Flow’ requires external energy but shifting of a mass flow requires no extra energy if the external medium is non-resistive. Besides that the famous case of the ‘Dentist’s chair’ was explained without any reference to ‘Conservation of Angular Momentum’ of the classical mechanics.

5.3 The Mystery of ‘Mass Flow’ at the Extreme Ends?

Without knowledge of the ‘4th Dimension’ and the theory of ‘Spherical Vortex of Charged Particles’ the rotary mass flow at the extreme ends of the space matter cannot be observed by Man.

Theory of Spherical Vortex: The space matter is either contracted in to almost nothing or expanded in to galaxies by the vortex named as ‘Spherical Vortex of Charged Particles ’ (pl. ref. ‘Earth Mechanism/ Space Dynamics-V3/2010)

The 4th Dimension: Mystery is born whereas Man cannot observe where the space matter in a ‘Dynamic Rotary Mass Flow’ comes from and where it disappears in to? Therefore mysteries will be solved whenever the ‘Space Dynamics along the Axis of 4thDimension’ is observed by Man. ||Read More||