EARTH MECHANISM/Space Dynamics- Volume-3

Scientist of the 21st century is capable enough to divert any alien object or an asteroid away if it really comes to hit upon our planet. I agree they can observe even millions light years distant nebulas and galaxies. But to be frank, there are many things in the world, poorly explained, unexplained or unfound as yet. Otherwise how could such sweet natural things like Air, Water, Land etc could disguise all at once as disastrous Tornados, Tsunamis and earthquakes to kill millions of unprepared people. It is therefore, of worth to review what we know and what we don’t know.


I daresay, knowledge of the 21st century is not enough to understand the real danger of a geomagnetic reversal. That is mainly due to the uneven summit growth of some specialized branches of the Tree of Knowledge, leaving lots of gaps and voids perhaps at the grass root level.  Therefore the danger may come afoot from bellow while all the sophisticated measuring tools of man are focused to the sky. Can we forecast even a smallest earthquake at least?  |For More Details|