1)-Theories, Philosophies and Beliefs are all fabricated  by Man, in the effort to describe the Nature and if faulty, they could be improved, changed or replaced from time to time.

 2)- Fundamental Realities of Nature remain Unchanged everywhere in the Universe, just as the astronomical proof, the composition of Water remains unchanged in Galaxies.

 3)-Nothing happens By Chance in Nature and though complicated to understand, a reasonable Causation is there behind everything.

 10)- Whence the Planetary Climate becomes suitable with adequate Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Calcium, Moisture & Heat, the first ancestors of Flora and Fauna crop up as Algae and Bacteria.

 11)-Nature, who owns the Material, is also the incomparable Designer to create the Universe and to decorate it with Life , through its EvolutionaryProcesses.

 21)- The Eternal Life facilitates Souls with a common package to choose their own  path to harvest ‘Happiness’ and ‘Sorrow’, which exist 50% by 50%  balance in Nature.

 25)- The Eternal Life Began in You, with the Wrong Claimas ‘Me & Mine’ that cropped up in the Mind and after a long Evolutionary Journey with an uncountable number of Rebirths, it Ends in the Self-Realizationof the Mistake made by thyself at the Entrance.

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