1.             The misinterpretation of behavior of seismic medium waves to comply with the already accepted Geological Earth Model is challenged at first by this technical paper

2.             The theory of ‘Deeper sunken denser materials’ is rejected by the paper and instead a different inner texture under ‘Theory of Hollow Globe’ has been introduced. The phenomenon behind has been explained by the theory of ‘Inverted Gravity’ inside of the Globe

3.             The natural phenomena have been explained such as;

          I.    Polarization and due ‘Electromagnetic Spinning’of the Globe by absorption of the energy flux from both solar wind and galactic wind 

         II.    Growth of Earth and the essential condition for a Geo Magnetic Reversal to happen

4.    Galactic & Solar dimension upon climatic and weather pattern changes on Earth was explained by introduction of the ‘Galactic Solar Calendar-GSC’ for predictions

5.    A mathematical deduction was done to clarify the depth of solid crust in Earth by two different approaches such as;

1.   Balancing of centrifugal force and gravitational drag upon a unit column profile, the material depth of Earth was deduced as 168km

 2.   Upon the assumption that Moon was born by projecting out a tectonic plate from the proto Earth, the depth of solid crust of Earth was deduced as 135km

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